Zuchu and Diamond back together weeks after nasty breakup.

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz seems to have rekindled his lost love with his signee and lover Zuchu weeks after their reported nasty breakup.

On Friday, May 10, 2024, Platnumz took his fans and followers by surprise – unleashing a new collabo he has with Zuchu.

Sharing a snippet of the new tune dubbed “Raha’ Chibu Dangote collaborated with Zuchu signaling that all is well in their camp.

As that is not enough, the song was accompanied by a romantic video of the two superstars.

The two go ahead to act romantically and gushed over each other in the song.

“RAHA na Usingizi wa Moyo @officialzuchu on all Platforms Now, Enjoy👋🏻!!❤️‍🔥🌹 #RAHADZ,” Diamond and Zuchu shared jointly.

The new song come days after the love birds unfollowed each other on Instagram at a time it was said they had broken up.

A crosscheck done by this writer indicates that Plnumz and Zuchu are no longer following each other on Instagram – a move that has been triggered by their recent ‘fights’.

Chibu Dangote currently follows 1510 people and Zuchu is not among them after he quickly unfollowed him.

At the same time the Sukari hitmaker follows 768 people on her Instagram and Diamond is not among them.

Zuchu made it clear that she was tired of being humiliated and embarrassed by Diamond in the name of love.

She admitted to having moved out of Platnutmz’s house after his recent antics with his ex-girlfriend Sarah.

“I know being famous and talked about is normal. But kindly don’t go overboard giving me false praises just to glorify the boss, especially in the local media where you can also get the truth and balance your stories,” Zuchu complained on her Instagram page.

“This is the real reason why I left. It’s tiring to be with a man who pushes you to people to be insulted, and he’s the one used to humiliate you.

His woman is everyone’s doormat, whoever decides, they join him and give them reasons to disrespect me while you remain silent and all you do is sit and swallow. I’m trying to be a good person, but the weak link in my life is him.”