” I Can Buy Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize and Rayvanny and Pay Them For 10 Years ”Kenyan Artist Krg The Don.

Renowned Kenyan musician, Krg The Don, recently caused a commotion on social media yet again, reigniting tensions between Kenya and Tanzania, particularly within the music industry.

During a media tour in Tanzania, Krg boldly flaunted his wealth, claiming to be five times richer than Diamond Platnumz. He boasted to reporters about his financial prowess, asserting that he could purchase the entirety of Tanzania with his vast fortune and still have billions left over.

In a further display of his wealth, Krg stated confidently that he could afford to buy out the entire roster of Tanzanian musicians, including the likes of Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, and Rayvanny, and sustain them financially for a decade without facing financial strain.

Adding fuel to the fire, Krg took a jab at Tanzania’s economy, comparing it unfavorably to Nairobi’s bustling financial hub. He boldly declared Nairobi as the “New York of East Africa,” insinuating that Kenya’s economic standing far surpasses that of Tanzania.

These remarks by Krg The Don have once again stirred controversy and reignited the age-old rivalry between Kenya and Tanzania, particularly within the realm of music.