Famous MP goes mad after impregnating a man’s wife and threatening to kill him if he told anyone about

A famous MP went mad after messing with a man by sleeping with his wife where he was caught red-handed and threatened the man if he dared told anybody about it. The MP was such a bad person; he would sleep with other people’s wives and whenever he was confronted, he would threaten the men, but this time, he had messed with the wrong person.

He had flirted with the man’s wife and even bought her expensive things just to lure her for sex. The man’s wife fell for it and they both went into a hotel to have their sex escapades. One of the employees of the hotel who knew the man called him and told him his wife was in the hotel with the lawmaker.

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He rushed to check if it was true and he when he arrived, he kicked open the room where the MP and his wife were having sex and he found them on top of each other. He was so furious and when he was about to beat up the MP for the hideous act, the MP threatened him.

“I am the MP here and I can sleep with whoever I want so if you try and tell anybody I will definitely kill you,” the MP told the man and ordered his bodyguards to chase him away. The man was so angry and went home feeling so hurt.

He called his friend and told him of the situation and his friend advised him to seek Doctor Mugwenu’s spells which would make the MP pay dearly for messing with his wife and indeed after he called the Doctor, he assured him that he would cast the plagues spell that would ensure the MP learnt his lesson.

The next day, Doctor Mugwenu cast a spell and the MP instantly became mad and started running around the town like a mad person. His family became so concerned and they searched for the man and begged him to forgive the MP. The man let the MP suffer in his madness for a few days and the spell was later reversed and he was okay.

He regretted ever crossing the man’s line and he even stopped messing with other people’s wives.

Free Photo | Black couple having an argument

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