Meet Former NTV And KTN News Anchor, Lindah Oguttu Now Works In Mjengo (PHOTOS) -

Meet Former NTV And KTN News Anchor, Lindah Oguttu Now Works In Mjengo (PHOTOS)

Lindah Oguttu, formerly a news anchor at KTN, is now employed by mjengo after being fired from her previous employment.

When Lindah Oguttu left KTN suddenly, Kenyans reacted. The news anchor, who has represented KTN for the past three years, said that she will be stepping away from her position as KTN’s public face to take charge of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Secretariat.

She was a member of the team that was tasked with finding a solution to the myriad issues plaguing local sports after Kenya was suspended from FIFA.

Since Ms. Oguttu’s full-time job as the FKF Secretariat reportedly interfered with her work as a journalist and news anchor for KTN, the Standard Group, which owns KTN, is rumored to have fired her. It’s no secret that bad stories about FKF were commonplace.

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As Standard Group sought to reduce expenses, this was a perfect chance to get rid of a high-profile anchor with a generous salary.

Over the past two years, the company has been decreasing its workforce by laying off high-earning employees and replacing them with younger, cheaper workers.

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KTN lured Linda from NTV at the height of the personality wars between the two networks, and she was reportedly offered a six-figure salary.