You Could Own This Michael Jackson Moonwalk Hat For Ksh.12 Million PEKEE

To acquire the iconic hat famously worn by the legendary singer Michael Jackson during his iconic moonwalk dance, one would need to part ways with a staggering sum exceeding Ksh 12 million. This remarkable piece of memorabilia, known for its association with one of music’s greatest icons, recently changed hands for a remarkable price of 77,640 euros at an auction held in Paris this past Tuesday. The auction, conducted at the esteemed Hotel Drouot auction house, initially estimated the value of this black fedora to be between 60,000 (equivalent to Ksh 9.4 million) and 100,000 euros (approximately Ksh 15.6 million).

The hat, a symbol of Michael Jackson’s unparalleled artistry and style, was the standout item among a collection of approximately 200 rock memorabilia pieces auctioned during the event. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the highest-priced item on the list; that honor went to a guitar once owned by the renowned bluesman T-Bone Walker, which commanded a staggering 129,400 euros.

Michael Jackson’s legacy as an entertainer remains unmatched. His performance during a televised Motown concert in 1983, where he electrified the audience by unveiling his signature moonwalk dance while donning this very hat, is etched in the annals of music history.

The world lost this legendary singer in 2009, at the zenith of his career. His untimely demise brought to light a long-speculated aspect of his life—his ever-changing skin tone. Jackson had consistently claimed that his light complexion was the result of vitiligo, a skin condition that leads to the loss of pigmentation in patches.

In recent times, Michael Jackson’s name has resurfaced in headlines amid allegations of sexual assault involving young boys. Wade Robson and James Safechuck, both now in their forties, have come forward with claims that Jackson sexually abused them during their childhood years. They assert that these traumatic incidents transpired over several years when they were minors.

In response to these allegations, a lawyer representing Jackson’s estate, Jonathan Steinsapir, has vehemently defended the late singer’s innocence. He maintains that the allegations lack credible evidence and independent corroboration, standing contrary to the established facts of the case.