Woman Disappears in Thin Air After Being Accused of Witchcraft

A woman from Mombasa, Kenya, shocked locals when she allegedly vanished into thin air using spiritual powers after villagers had assembled to attack her accusing her of being a witchdoctor.

The woman, identified as Grace Wamaitha, was reportedly living in a secluded hut near the forest, where she practiced herbal medicine and divination. Some of the villagers claimed that she had cursed them or their relatives with various ailments, such as infertility, blindness, or madness.

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On Saturday, a mob of angry villagers armed with machetes, stones, and torches marched towards her hut, intending to burn it down and kill her. However, when they reached the hut, they found it empty. They searched the surrounding area, but could not find any trace of her.

As they were about to give up, they heard a m from the sky. They looked up and saw Wamaitha floating in the air, surrounded by a bright light. She was laughing maniacally and taunting them, saying that they could not harm her because she had the power of the spirits.

The villagers were terrified and ran away, leaving behind their weapons and torches. Some of them said that they saw Wamaitha disappear into a cloud, while others said that she flew away like a bird.

The incident has sparked a lot of controversy and debate among the locals. Some of them believe that Wamaitha is indeed a witch doctor who has supernatural abilities, while others think that she is a fraud who used some kind of trick or illusion to escape.

The local authorities have launched an investigation into the matter, but have not been able to locate Wamaitha or verify her claims. They have also warned the villagers not to take the law into their own hands, and to report any suspicious activities to the police.

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Remaining invisible and walking without being seen are two abilities that some people claim to possess or acquire through spiritual means. These abilities are often associated with witchcraft, magic, or occult practices, and are used to escape danger, harm, or persecution.

One example of a person who used these abilities is Grace Wamaitha, a woman from Mombasa, Kenya, who shocked locals when she vanished into thin air after villagers had assembled to attack her accusing her of being a witch doctor. 

According to Media Reports, Wamaitha was anerbalist and a diviner who lived in a hut near the forest. Some of the villagers blamed her for their misfortunes and illnesses and decided to kill her and burn her hut. However, when they reached her hut, they could not find her. They heard her scream from the sky and saw her floating in the air, laughing and taunting them. She then disappeared into a cloud or flew away like a bird.

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The story of Wamaitha is a fascinating but dubious one. It raises many questions about the nature and origin of her alleged invisibility and flight abilities. Was she a witch doctor who had the power of the spirits, or was she a clever trickster who used some kind of device or technique to fool the villagers? How did she get in touch with Mugwenu Doctors, and what kind of products or services did they offer her? Did they have any role or responsibility in the incident, or were they just exploiting her situation for their benefit? What happened to Wamaitha after she disappeared, and where is she now? Is she still alive, or did she face some kind of consequence or retribution for her actions?

These are some of the questions that the local authorities and the public may want to find out, but the answers may not be easy or available. The story of Wamaitha may remain a mystery, a legend, or a hoax, depending on one’s perspective and belief. However, one thing is certain: the story of Wamaitha is a reminder of the dangers and challenges that people who are accused of witchcraft face in some parts of the world, and the need for more awareness, education, and protection for them.

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