Karen Nyamu Takes Her Son To School For The First Time

Yesterday, Karen Nyamu escorted her two-year-old son to school for the first time. She shared the touching moments with him, from meeting his new teacher to receiving hugs from his new schoolmates. Karen could be heard in the background as she observed her shy boy taking another step in his young life. Unfortunately, Samuel’s father, Samidoh, was not present for this significant day in his son’s life.

Samidoh and Karen’s relationship has been tumultuous, with the couple breaking up in December after a dramatic incident in Dubai where Samidoh was performing. Karen and Samidoh’s first wife, Edday, were involved in a physical altercation, all fighting for Samidoh’s attention. Following this, Karen made a public statement announcing that she had severed ties with the father of her child.

However, recent rumors have surfaced of a potential reunion between the ex-couple, after they were spotted wearing the same hat on separate occasions, leading fans to speculate that they may have rekindled their relationship behind the scenes. Their on-again-off-again relationship is not unusual, with the couple breaking up and getting back together multiple times in the past.

Additionally, there have been rumors of Karen being pregnant, with a video circulating on social media leaving many convinced that she is expecting another child. However, this has not been confirmed and remains speculation. The nominated Senator has previously mentioned her desire to have one more child before closing the chapter on having children, and this could be it.