Lucy Natasha: How I got my lovely Prophet husband from Instagram

Pastor Lucy Natasha, of the ECC Church based in Nairobi, reflects with gratitude on the role of social media in her life, particularly in the realm of her romantic journey.

Natasha credits the existence of social media platforms for the fortuitous connection she shares with her husband, Prophet Stanley Carmel. Their initial encounter transpired on Instagram, a platform that served as the catalyst for their love story. For the past two years, Natasha has cherished her relationship with Prophet Carmel, emphasizing its continual growth and depth.

In contemplating their unique journey, Natasha underscores the unpredictability of love and divine interventions in human connections. She encourages others, especially those seeking companionship, to remain open-minded, as love can emerge from unexpected avenues. Natasha humorously recalls how Prophet Carmel initiated contact through direct messages on Instagram, affectionately referred to as “entering her DMs.”

Their relationship blossomed gradually as they exchanged messages and gradually acquainted themselves with one another. Despite the geographical distance between them, with Prophet Carmel residing in India and Natasha in Africa, their bond persevered through consistent communication and mutual admiration.

Natasha fondly recollects how Prophet Carmel’s supportive messages gradually caught her attention, particularly after encountering a video clip of her preaching. Their interactions remained respectful and uplifting, with Prophet Carmel never explicitly professing his love until Natasha finally engaged with his messages after two years.

Their first in-person meeting took place in Texas, USA, where both were separately invited to gospel gatherings. This encounter marked the beginning of a deeper connection that eventually culminated in marriage two years ago.

Through their story, Natasha highlights the transformative power of social media in facilitating meaningful connections and fostering love across borders. She emphasizes the importance of remaining open to unexpected opportunities and trusting in divine timing in matters of the heart.