Mandera Woman Busted With Explosives from somalia -
Mandera Woman Busted With Explosives from somalia
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Mandera Woman Busted With Explosives from somalia

Jamila Eymoi a Kenyan Somali national, is said to have been busted by highway police officers, She has however revealed how she was able to sneak several explosives from Somalia to Kenya by-passing all the boarder check points.

As indicated on the reports given by the suspect, she claims that she was given the said weapons by a lady who requested her to take them to a man, she claimed the anonymous man was coming from wajir and its him who would contact her.

She went on to claim that the said woman convinced her that she was too beautiful to be arrested adding that she told her that the receiver was going to give her a lot of money which would be worth it.

In an earlier incident which took place several weeks ago, the suspect who was arranged n court today as reported to have been caught by several highway police officers in the possession of several ammunitions that she was supposed to deliver to an unknown destination.

Her comments has caused lots of mixed reactions from Kenyans who appeared to have been confused on why a lot of weapons are being smuggled in the country.

Kenyans however are asking themselves is it coz of the hard times experienced in the country, that people are doing absolutely anything to survive, Many however are calling on the government to tighten Somalia boarder security.

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