Viral CCTV Video showing House Help Urinating in Kitchen Sink Angers Kenyans, “Afutwe Kazi”

The video clip depicted a woman in the act of misconduct. She had been babysitting in the living room, and upon entering the adjacent kitchen, she committed a shocking and appalling act. Without any apparent hesitation, she reached for a bowl in the kitchen sink and proceeded to urinate into it. This disturbing incident was captured on camera and subsequently shared on Instagram, unbeknownst to the woman.

The hidden CCTV system was able to document every unsettling moment of her actions, leaving those who viewed the clip utterly repulsed and taken aback. The revelation of this behavior shocked many, particularly within the Kenyan community.

In response to the distressing video, there was a unanimous call for the immediate dismissal of the domestic worker. Numerous individuals voiced their opinions, and some comments on the matter included:

  1. Sophialucas_kenya emphasized the importance of informing your household staff about the presence of CCTV cameras throughout the residence. The objective is to deter any inappropriate behavior from occurring unnoticed.
  2. Purple cited this incident as a reason why parents have traditionally cautioned their children against eating at others’ homes, highlighting the need for vigilance and awareness.
  3. florahachungo echoed the sentiment of the first commenter, underlining the necessity of informing domestic employees about the CCTV system to prevent such unfortunate incidents.
  4. nicolus_sarkozy raised a crucial question regarding the availability and accessibility of a washroom in the household. Regardless of the circumstances, they also suggested that the worker might require legal assistance in light of her actions.

In summary, the video clip revealed a deeply troubling incident, leading to widespread shock and dismay. The comments from concerned individuals underscored the importance of transparency and the necessity for appropriate measures to prevent such unfortunate events from occurring in the future.