“Mimi Siwezi Olewa Na Boy Mzungu,” Betty Kyallo claims

Media personality Betty Kyallo recently discussed her romantic life in a conversation with digital content creator 2Mbili. Dressed elegantly in a striking red outfit, Kyallo made it clear that she has no interest in marrying a white man, expressing a preference for someone with a similar skin color to hers.

During the question and answer session, Kyallo conveyed her happiness for Akothee, whom she affectionately called the queen of single mothers, for finding love and exiting the single mothers’ category. This, in turn, hinted at Kyallo’s own upcoming wedding plans.

“I’m thrilled for my sister, I’m super excited. At least she’s taken herself out of the single mothers’ category. Even I will be tying the knot soon,” she disclosed eagerly.

While acknowledging her current romantic relationship, Kyallo mentioned that she would reveal her mystery lover’s identity once they have finalized their plans, including marriage. She emphasized keeping the relationship private until they decide to share it with the world, possibly during the wedding.

Contrary to extravagant weddings, Kyallo clarified that she doesn’t plan to have a grand celebration. Instead, she aims for an intimate ceremony, highlighting the importance of the connection between the two individuals.

“This time around, I don’t think I will opt for those grand, extravagant weddings. I’ve come to understand that it’s all about the two people involved,” she added.

The former news anchor stressed her desire to nurture a genuine connection with her partner away from the scrutiny of cameras. “I’m happy, and I just want us to get to know each other without the pressures of the cameras,” she affirmed.