“Raila wasted me, I will never support him again, ever!”- Isaac Mwaura Shouts.

After loosing his nominated seat, the former Senator is now an angry man trying to stay relevant in the Kenyan political scene.

In a direct attach to ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga, Mwaura blame Odinga for his unending misfortunes noting the recent move by Jubilee Party to fire him over his association with Deputy President William Ruto.

Mwaura who was in an interview with a local daily claimed that Raila can’t be sold in the Mt Kenya region since the Kikuyu community hate him naturally.

He went on to add that the ghosts of ODM have been following him adding that he is worried for Ngunjiri Wambugu who he predicted will have the same fate.

“Just try putting Raila on the ballot, and I assure you, Kikuyus will turn up one hundred percent to vote against him.”

“You can’t sell Raila to Central.”

“That day when Raila’s planned trip to the region was stopped just at Githurai, did you see David Murathe or Maina Kamanda there? Do you know why? Because they knew it was an impossible task,” stated Mwaura.