Oga Obinna Adopts Two Kids From Home Children, Rev Lucy Natasha Heaps Praise

Former Kiss FM journalist, Oga Obinna, has made a heartfelt announcement regarding his decision to embrace parenthood through adoption. He revealed his intention to adopt two children, a boy and a girl, from a children’s home located in Mwiki, Nairobi, in a recently shared video clip.

According to Oga Obinna, the idea of adoption first sprouted in his mind in December 2023. Accompanied by renowned televangelist Reverend Lucy Natasha and businesswoman Phoina, the trio paid a visit to the orphanage. During their time there, they shared a meal with the children and established a meaningful connection with them.

Following this bonding session, Oga Obinna expressed on camera that two particular children had deeply touched his soul during his initial visit to the orphanage. He announced his intention to adopt these two children, emphasizing his strong emotional connection to them.

In his own words, Oga Obinna stated, “I want to adopt these two. One of them really caught my attention last year. You know, he’s just full of life. And this other one too. Normally, I help several people quietly across the country, and some of you might have seen.”

The YouTuber further elaborated that his love for children knows no bounds, and he had been contemplating expanding his family by two more children, bringing the total to six.

He shared, “Last time I brought my kids along, and they always want more children around. And I also want more children, so I will work with mom and adopt the two. Whatever we eat, we’ll eat together.”

Moreover, Oga Obinna highlighted that adding a boy and a girl to his family would bring joy to his lone son, as he would have companionship.

Reverend Lucy Natasha expressed her elation and proceeded to bestow blessings and commendations upon Oga Obinna for his compassionate and immense love for underprivileged children.

“Oga Obinna, may God bless you abundantly; may He multiply your blessings for generations to come because of the kindness in your heart. Thank you for having such a generous spirit,” remarked Reverend Lucy Natasha.