How I passed my tough Masters exam and emerged the best

My name is Priscilla and I recently graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration. I have to mention that it has not been easy especially juggling between having a daytime job and attending classes and also doing the thesis for my Master’s.

In my last semester pursuing the course, life was particularly hard since my first-born daughter fell sick and I could not attend classes because I had to take care of her. So, my other classmates tried to cover for me but I was still behind since I had not presented my thesis to my professors. Premium Photo | Smiling black woman with beautiful skin | Beautiful skin, Black  women, How to be more feminine

I was really stressed because when I went to class after a month, I felt so behind in schedule and also presentation of my thesis became another pain because my professors outrightly rejected it.

Three weeks to the exam, I had not caught up with my studies and I was already stressed and I started considering to differ my exam. Thesis is the greatest headache while pursuing a Master’s degree and my professors rejecting mine over and over again made me feel as if I wanted to quit.

But again, I had come from far, I had studied two and a half years where many quitted and dropped out but I had not given up and was still doing great. When my husband saw the struggle I was going through, he told me of Doctor Mugwenu who could make me get favours with my professors and also help pass the exam.

After hearing about him, I decided to immediately give him a call so that he could help me pass the exam using his spells. He picked up the phone and indeed confirmed to me that he could actually help me perform excellently in the exams and also get to effortlessly present my thesis.

I could not believe it and I was excited to meet him the next day. We met and he cast spells of favours to me such that the professors would like my work. He also gave me a herb to take which would help me focus and pass during the exam. Black Woman Smiling Images – Browse 2,079,291 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock

I took it and went back home feeling confident that I would pass my exam. Two days later, I had a presentation of my project with my professors and I was so shocked to hear all of them clap for me after the presentation.

They were so proud of me. Three days to exam, a professor sent me some papers to revise and told me he understood that I was taking care of my sick child. When I went to the classroom, I was confident and moreover, the exams came from the papers that the professor had sent to me. I passed the exams and I actually graduated last week. I am so happy and I give all the thanks to Daktari for helping me in my time of need.

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