Embarambamba Wife: 5 Hot Photos of the Beautiful Woman Married to the Muddy Kisii Comedian

The dramatic Embarambamba is still an influential Kisii comedian with thousands of likes and comments on the latest YouTube videos. Also trending are stunning photos of Chris Embarambamba wife and children.

Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma alias Embarambamba has indeed taught us several life lessons. Firstly, uniqueness is crucial in life. Secondly, it is ok to go wild with your life. Lastly, normal is boring. Whatever the lessons you learnt, do not forget that Chris is an upright and responsible family man.

Chris Embarambamba wife name and photos

Chris Embarambamba wife is a seasoned dancer who until recently featured in Kisii songs as a vixen and singer.

Unfortunately, she could not proceed with her dancing and singing talents because of motherhood.

It turns out that Mrs Embarambamba is a medium height decently dressed chocolate beauty with a natural smile.

Even better, she is fashionable and loyal to the allegedly shameless man who rips clothes and whirls in mud for a living.

Various pictures making rounds on social media continue to broadcast her shyness and submissive traits.

After all, it takes a good-hearted partner to tolerate a sober husband with a habit of soiling clothes.

Embarambamba spouse and children

Gospel comedian Chris Embarambamba and his wife are a lovely couple with five adorable children.

A first-born daughter takes after the appearance of Chris. She is equally energetic but a little timid.

Speaking to Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, Chris admitted that his wife and children were, at first, reluctant to his antics.

Close family members and the wife to Embarambamba were particularly afraid of the dangers and possible harm in waiting.

A 34 years old tall, dark, and handsome Embarambamba would hear none of them knowing mud was a breakthrough button.

On education matters, the comic is a class eight dropout who missed high school following the fateful death of a breadwinner father.

A persistent show of love is evident on Chris Embarambamba channel with about 200k subscribers. Equally admirable are Chris Embarambamba wife and children.