I Lost My Two Husbands To My Younger Sister," Woman Recalls -
I Lost My Two Husbands To My Younger Sister," Woman Recalls
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I Lost My Two Husbands To My Younger Sister,” Woman Recalls

An intriguing story of a lady whose baby sisters ruined her marriage has been circulating on social media.In the video she opened up and narrated his story which have left netizens in disbelief.

Hilda Mwangi from Othaya Nyeri County uncovered that she didn’t join secondary school which is a Childs dream but she was however taken to work as a house help by her mom. She got married at 17 years old years, and when she became pregnant, her sister came to help her during the the pregnancy period, as it is done in African customs.

Her sister however began some unusual friendship with her brother-in-law, a thing that she didn’t like.

At the point when Hilda went to the maternity to deliver, the said sister moved in with her husband, and after she got back, her husband admitted and confessed them been a thing. However, her sister denied the allegations but she painfully decided to walk out of the marriage, leaving her sister with the husband.

After some time, she met a man who was her companion before she got married. The man sought after her, and she decided to give it another try by getting married to him. They both were blessed with a kid, but later everything changed when her husband started beating him up, she however dint give up on his marriage rather she braved everything and stayed in his marriage.

I Lost My Two Husbands To My Younger Sister," Woman Recalls

The most painful part of her second marriage is that her younger sister who had come to stay at her home became pregnant. Hilda as a sister and as a mother took care of her during the nine months. After her sister gave birth, her baby in a great way resembled her husband.

At that point she informed their mother about it, her claims were however profoundly dismissed, however her husband gave him a serious beating, where later she was chased out of her home together with her children by the same husband.

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