Black Cinderella: I Would Like To Give Krg My Rosecoco Juu Ni Mweupe na Mjinga

Kenya’s prominent socialite, Black Cinderella, has once again caught the public’s attention as she openly discussed her admiration for Krg The Don and disclosed her reasons for desiring an intimate relationship with him.

During an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Black Cinderella, acknowledging her extended tenure as a socialite, revealed that she has associated with various men as part of her financial endeavors to sustain herself and meet her financial obligations.

Responding to questions regarding her feud with Obinna, Black Cinderella explained that their discord began when she expressed her reluctance to engage in any intimate relationship with him, emphasizing her strong disinterest in him altogether.

Contrastingly, Black Cinderella expressed a distinct interest in Krg The Don, identifying him as the only Kenyan celebrity she envisions being romantically involved with. She admitted to harboring a crush on Krg, citing his appealing physical appearance as a “brown cute guy” and highlighting his eccentric personality as additional reasons for her attraction.

In addition to her admiration for Krg The Don, Black Cinderella is entangled in a controversial legal case with Obinna, where she has accused him of assaulting her in the past. The legal proceedings for this case are currently underway in court.