“Natafuta Mature Man, I Have Been Dryspell For 5Years” Desperate Pritty Vishy Mother Cries Out.

Pritty Vishy’s mother recently opened up about her experiences during her five-year stint as a househelp in Saudi Arabia. In a candid question and answer session, she shared the challenges she faced and the hurdles she overcame upon her return to the country in 2023.

Life in Saudi Arabia proved to be an arduous journey for her, especially during the initial months. The primary hurdle was the language barrier – her Arab employer couldn’t comprehend English or Swahili, while she struggled with Arabic. This posed significant difficulties, and she had to adapt by maintaining humility and limiting her interactions, a stark contrast to her more expressive nature in Kenya.

One of the most significant challenges she encountered was the deprivation of conjugal rights. The strict adherence to Quranic teachings in Arab nations, emphasizing intimacy exclusively within the bounds of marriage, meant she went without such rights for the entire five-year period. Although initially challenging, she eventually accepted this constraint as a part of her life.

Expressing her readiness for a new chapter, Pritty Vishy’s mother conveyed her desire to remarry. This time, she emphasized the importance of maturity in a prospective partner. The scars from a past toxic relationship linger, and she is adamant about choosing a mature man who can understand and support her. Her decision stems from a desire to experience the joys of marital intimacy that she was denied during her time in Saudi Arabia.

Asserting her determination to stay in her home country, she declared that she would not return to Saudi Arabia. Pritty Vishy’s mother is back, ready to embrace a new life with a mature partner and enjoy the conjugal rights that were denied to her in the past.