University Girl Who Called Boyfriend 100 Times A Day, Diagnosed With ‘Love Brain

A young university student, Xiaoyu, hailing from Sichuan province in China, has recently been diagnosed with what’s colloquially referred to as “Love Brain” disease. Reports suggest that Xiaoyu became deeply infatuated with her boyfriend during her early days at university, to the extent that she found it difficult to be apart from him.

According to media outlets in China, Xiaoyu’s affection for her boyfriend bordered on obsession. She reportedly became distressed if he didn’t promptly respond to her numerous calls and texts, sometimes resorting to online video calls if her attempts to reach him through traditional means failed.

In a concerning turn of events, it’s said that Xiaoyu even threatened suicide when her boyfriend didn’t reply to her messages or answer her calls. Fortunately, authorities intervened in time to prevent any harm.

Dr. Du Na from The Fourth People’s Hospital of Chengdu, where Xiaoyu was treated, shed light on her condition. He explained that Xiaoyu’s behavior was indicative of a rare condition known as “Love Brain.” This condition, Dr. Na elaborated, often affects individuals who haven’t experienced a nurturing family environment and can be associated with underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

Dr. Na also suggested that individuals suffering from Love Brain disorder may find relief if they are brought up in families where love and emotional support are present. This underscores the importance of a supportive familial environment in mental health and emotional well-being.