” Unadhani Umefika sasa,Utaachwa tu”, Carol Sonnie Comments on Mulamwah wedding with Bestie RuthK

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah recently made headlines with the announcement of his upcoming traditional wedding to RuthK, eliciting a variety of responses from the public. Notably, Mulamwah’s ex-wife, Carol Sonnie, has expressed skepticism about the sincerity of this new union, drawing parallels between it and their own failed marriage.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie’s well-documented separation was marred by allegations of infidelity and a public exchange of accusations, making it a subject of considerable media attention and scrutiny. Given this history, Mulamwah’s decision to formalize his relationship with RuthK through a traditional wedding has understandably raised some eyebrows.

Taking to Instagram, Carol voiced her concerns regarding the seemingly rapid nature of the wedding and shared her own painful experiences from their past relationship. In doing so, she may be trying to shield RuthK from a potential heartbreak and the challenges that come with dating a public figure like Mulamwah.

It’s important to note that RuthK might be well aware of the complexities and public attention that accompany being in a relationship with a celebrity. She may have her own valid reasons for committing to Mulamwah, regardless of the prevailing public opinion.

The future of Mulamwah and RuthK’s relationship will ultimately hinge on their level of commitment and their ability to navigate the intense scrutiny that surrounds their lives. Only time will reveal whether their wedding signifies a lasting and genuine commitment or if it’s merely a momentary celebration of their love.