“Nilidate Stivo Simple Boy For 10 Years He Never Kissed Me Ama Kunipea MJULUS Yake NONO” Pritty Vishy.

Pritty Vishy, the former girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy, has decided to bring their private affairs into the public eye. By exposing Stivo’s seemingly trivial behaviors, she has opened up about the intimate aspects of their relationship, particularly criticizing his lack of romanticism.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy portrayed Stivo Simple Boy as perhaps the least engaging boyfriend she has ever had. Despite nearly a decade of being together, she revealed that their relationship remained platonic due to Stivo’s insistence on refraining from premarital intercourse.

Pritty Vishy shared that over the span of their ten-year relationship, they never shared any intimate moments. Stivo Simple Boy never engaged in physical displays of affection such as kissing or hugging, which left their connection resembling that of siblings. Pritty emphasized that Stivo couldn’t even recount her physical appearance since he had never seen her unclothed, always shutting his eyes whenever she changed attire.

In Pritty’s perspective, Stivo Simple Boy demonstrated both a lack of romanticism and a steadfast commitment to abstinence. Even when she tried to initiate romantic gestures, he remained unresponsive, seemingly unaware of their significance. Pritty Vishy concluded that their relationship lacked excitement and failed to foster mutual growth or enrichment.

In her candid disclosure, Pritty revealed that she is currently involved with someone else who fulfills her desire for physical intimacy. Though their relationship isn’t official, she expressed contentment in looking forward to the potential of embarking on a new, more fulfilling romantic journey.