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“Wee jamaa tuheshimiane, sawa!”- Carol Sonie Warns Mulamwah.

Carol Sonie has come out issuing a stern warning to her baby daddy, Mulamwah.

Sonie asked Mulamwah to respect her as a woman and mother and stop bad mouthing her in public.

Sonnie said that their daughter will be all grown in afew years time and she will see what was written on blogs about her and her mum.

She was speaking during an interview with, Dr. Ofweneke where she said;

“Tuheshimiane. I feel so disrespected by the things he keeps saying. Keilah has no cover placed over her so she is growing up and she will see these things.”

“The internet never forgets. The internet will never help us solve our issues. The issues can only be solved by both of us.”

Mulamwah had earlier on said that Sonnie wanted an expensive life which he couldn’t afford.