How Nyeri Man Makes sh 90k Monthly From Selling Roasted Yams.

Peter Gitonga is a shining example of the benefits of hard work and determination. A resident and businessman in Nyeri County, Gitonga has built a successful business selling roasted yams, which has provided for all of his financial needs.

In an interview with online media, Gitonga shared that after losing his job at a building and construction company, he struggled to find employment for over a month. However, instead of giving up, he chose to take matters into his own hands and start his own business.

At first, Gitonga’s business of selling roasted maize was not doing well. But with the help of advice from other traders, he decided to switch to selling roasted yams, and the business has been thriving for the past five years.

On a daily basis, Gitonga makes a profit of up to KSH 3,000. He buys a sack of yams for KSH 3,000 and sells them for KSH 7,000. In a month, he earns KSH 90,000, and in a year, that amount totals over KSH 1 million.

The success of his business has allowed him to purchase a piece of land, build a shop for his wife, and pay for his children’s school fees. Gitonga encourages young people to consider self-employment and odd jobs, as they can lead to substantial profits.