IT'S Tough Times Ahead For Kenyans As Government Increases Fuel Price

IT’S Tough Times Ahead For Kenyans As Government Increases Fuel Price

Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority ‘EPRA’ has earlier today made a review of fuel prices in the country. In a public statements by the Authority, the cost of Super petroleum has been increased by Kshs 3.56 per liter.

The Authority has not changed the costs of diesel and Kerosene. The value changes have been made considering the shipping cost of each petroleum product, as per the authority, the normal landed expense of imported Super petroleum went down by 0.57% per cubic meter in March 2021, that of Diesel decreased by 1.03% while that of Kerosene by 2.01%.

This move however is downed to make life of drivers and industries using heavy machines very difficult, putting in mind the hard economic times we are in, it is however expected to go down to the common citizens who depend on these operations.

Kenya has seen increased fuel prices just inside a year that life is so difficult for the ordinary man, in spite of the grievances by Kenyans and surprisingly the bodies concerned, government has consistently demanded that each move it makes it always puts the welfare of Kenyans first.

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