Why Murang'a County Has Lost Its MOJO. -

Why Murang’a County Has Lost Its MOJO.

For the past 50 years, Murang’a County previously known as Fortholl during the pre-colonial period was the home of industrious Kikuyu community, the larger GEMA.

From its coffee to tea, the area was home to millionaires but as time continues to tick, Murang’a is slowly losing its Mojo.

Billionaires who got their cash from Murang’a have invested in other counties leaving their home County a total downgrade of modernization.

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As one would expect, by now Murang’a should have already been named a city just as Nakuru but that will not happen anytime soon because even the basic necessities are just a dream which even by 2030 will not have been implemented.

Murang’a town currently is full of depressed teenyboppers who have resorted to Miraa and bhang.

The southern part of Murang’a has won itself the title of ‘robbers’ haven.

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If the youths will not be given an upper hand in sourcing for employment and empowerments, in the next 10 years, Murang’a will be just another ghost town full of depressed parents.

If Murang’a falls, Nairobi and Thika will fall, why you may ask, the answer is simple, everything around the above mentioned towns revolvers around Murang’a.

In fact, Murang’a is undoubtedly the heart of Kenya.

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It is the high time for leaders to focus on the youths and create jobs around the county and not out of the county. Otherwise, the land of honey and milk, home of Gikuyu na Mumbi will be no more.