Hilarious: Couple get stuck while having sex- VIDEO
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Hilarious: Cheating husband get stuck while in the Act- VIDEO

Two love birds who couldn’t control their sex desire when they were at a famous lake have stuck together after the river gods decided their behavior deserves a punishment .

From what we gathered, the two were together with some friends who chose to go for an outing on the lake however things took turns as the two sweethearts chose to have sex in water.

After the two of them had a ball enjoyed themselves if you may, the man couldn’t pull out of the woman’s private part.

At the point when they realized how much suffering they were in, they called their buddies, who came to their aid.

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As seen in the video, the man was the person who screamed the hardest. He pleaded for forgiveness and screamed that the agony was awful.

Watch the video below: