'My mum would be very proud,' says Samidoh

‘My mum would be very proud,’ says Samidoh

Mugiithi vocalist Samidoh has paid tribute to his late mum.

Talking in an interview, Samidoh said he wishes his mum was alive to celebrate his success.

Samidoh grew up a orphan, as he lost his dad when he was just three and later lost his mom after joining form one.

He added that the thoughts of being an orphan hits him hard when he faces reaction on social media and only wishes he could have his mum around and go share some moments with him.

“If she would be alive, I keep wondering what I would be doing for her. She would be proud of her son. Sometimes back, I did not want to go home as I was afraid the reality of not finding anyone there would hit me hard. Going with my 10k and coming back with it since no one is there to give it to.”

Samido added that when he was young, he thought it was normal not to have a parent.

“I sometimes felt so sad visiting her grave. God gave me the strength to overcome that. I did not feel like an orphan when I was young but only hits me when I became a celeb and realised not everyone wishes well for you.”

“The foundation my mother raised me up with was great and it has made me who I am right now because she was very strict,” Samido said.

His message to individuals who have their parents;
“Take care of your parents when they are alive. You only know how important they are when they are dead.”