Drama as parent confront teacher for stealing Ksh.30

A school in Nyeri witnessed an unusual incident on Friday morning when a parent confronted a teacher for allegedly stealing Ksh. 30 from his daughter. The parent arrived at the school during the end of the school parade and, despite the gateman’s instructions to wait, he proceeded to enter the school premises in search of the accused teacher, Mr. Warui.

Shouting loudly, he pushed through students who had already been released to go to their classes, demanding to see Mr. Warui and stating that he would be recognized today. The school principal attempted to diffuse the situation and, after some dramatic moments of confrontation, the parent finally agreed to meet in the principal’s office. Meanwhile, Mr. Warui remained in the staffroom, unaware of the unfolding situation.

In the principal’s office, the parent accused Mr. Warui of being a thief. He explained that his daughter had asked for some pocket money, and he had sent Ksh. 327 to the teacher. However, he later learned that the teacher had given his daughter only Ksh. 270. This raised concerns, and the parent wanted to know why the teacher was stealing from parents.

Mr. Warui was called into the office and admitted that he had indeed given the form 2 student Ksh. 270. He claimed that the parent had sent Ksh. 300, and the remaining Ksh. 30 was intended to cover transaction fees. However, upon examining the Mpesa messages, he realized that he had picked the wrong message by mistake. He immediately offered to refund the money, but the parent refused and instead sought forgiveness for publicly embarrassing the teacher.

The incident served as a reminder of the importance of clear communication and attention to detail in handling financial matters. Fortunately, the situation was resolved with the teacher’s explanation and willingness to rectify the mistake. Both the parent and the teacher learned valuable lessons from the incident, emphasizing the significance of open dialogue and understanding between parents and educators.