Uasin Gishu: 97-year-old grandpa weds woman, 30, after being single all his life

97-year-old grandpa from Uasin Gishu, Kenya, recently tied the knot with a 30-year-old woman, after being single all his life. The couple met at a local church, where the grandpa had been a regular attendee for many years.

Despite their age difference, the couple fell in love and decided to get married. The grandpa’s family and friends were surprised by the news, but ultimately supportive of the couple’s decision.

According to the grandpa, he never thought he would find love at his age, but he is grateful to have found a partner who makes him happy. The couple’s age difference has not been an issue for them, as they both share a strong faith and similar values.

The wedding was a small, intimate affair, attended by close family and friends. The couple exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony, surrounded by loved ones.

The grandpa’s new wife is said to be taking care of him, and they seem very happy together. The couple has not yet shared their plans for the future, but they are enjoying each other’s company and making the most of their time together.

This story is a reminder that love knows no age, and that it is never too late to find happiness. The grandpa’s marriage to his 30-year-old partner is a testament to the power of love and the importance of following one’s heart.