Meet Jennie Favour, A 7 Year Old Genius Dancer Going Viral On Tiktok With Crazy Dance Moves.

At the tender age of 7, Jennie Favour has taken the Kenyan dance industry by storm with her impressive moves and challenges. This young sensation has already established her brand and is quickly becoming a household name.

Jennie is a second-grade student who recently spoke with Presenter Ali in an interview. Fluent in English, she revealed that she began dancing at just 1 year old. It seems dancing is an innate talent for her, one which was further inspired by her mother who is also an accomplished dancer.

Jennie’s popularity skyrocketed after she completed several dance challenges with the famous Kenyan dance king, Collo. He mentored the young star and taught her various dance moves, introducing her to his audience on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Collo has praised Jennie, saying she is an exceptionally talented young dancer. She only takes less than 10 minutes to perfect a new move and can use her facial expressions to match the mood of the music she is dancing to. He added that Jennie is destined to become the next big thing in the dance industry.

Unfortunately, Jennie has faced some challenges, with haters reporting her TikTok accounts. Collo revealed that more than six of her accounts, each with a significant following, have been reported. He has urged Kenyans to support the young dancer and for brands to offer her advertising deals.

Although Jennie is already a celebrity, she needs financial support to continue motivating her and to upgrade her lifestyle. With the right backing, there’s no doubt that Jennie Favour will continue to shine and excel in the Kenyan dance industry.