Buzeki: How I Made My First Billion At 30 Years

The alias ‘Buzeki’ is derived from the full name of Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop, a prominent figure in Kenya known for his roles as a successful businessman, philanthropist, and politician.

His public recognition surged when he contested the Uasin Gishu governorship in 2017. Buzeki, a self-made billionaire, earned his status through entrepreneurial endeavors, showcasing remarkable determination that laid a robust groundwork for his various ventures.

Achieving billionaire status in his 30s—an accomplishment few attain in a lifetime—Buzeki’s initial wealth came from the dairy industry. Starting as a milk hawker along the coast, his journey progressed when he became the regional dairy sales manager for Kilifi Plantations between 1998 and 2000. Under his leadership, the brand Kilifi Gold achieved a remarkable volume of successful milk sales.

His impact continued as he introduced Tuzo Milk to the Coast, transforming it into the region’s largest milk brand. In 2008, Buzeki initiated Buzeki Dairy Limited, a processing and packaging division for dairy products. The first plant, with a capacity of 25,000 liters per day, was established in Kilifi. Two years later, Molo milk, with a daily production output of 80,000 liters, marked another milestone.

In 2013, Brookside made a significant offer of Sh1.1 billion, propelling Buzeki to billionaire status. Notably, the sale of Molo Milk faced criticism from Buzeki, who expressed disappointment in Uasin Gishu county politicians for obstructing local ownership.

Buzeki’s business portfolio extends across the Rift Valley region and beyond, with ownership stakes in various enterprises. His impressive collection includes over 1,000 cars, 3,000 trucks, and three helicopters. As the Founder and Group Executive Director of the Buzeki Group of Companies, he oversees entities such as Buzeki Enterprises Limited, Buzeki Dairy Limited, Bunoil Limited, Koima Motors Limited, Transtruckers Logistics Group Limited, Buzeki Insurance Limited, and Buzeki Fleet System Management Limited.

Beyond his business acumen, Buzeki values education and technical skills. Emphasizing the role of education as an equalizer, he encourages a blend of academic, technical, and entrepreneurial skills to widen success opportunities, highlighting the infinite possibilities in the world.