Woman in Kisii Wakes Up To see Why Her Dog Is Barking at Night, Only To Find Her Husband On Top Of It

A village in Mosocho, Kitutu Chache constituency, is currently in a state of tension following a disturbing incident where a wife discovered her husband engaging in an unusual act with their female dog during the night….CONTINUE READING

According to a report lodged at the Mosocho police station, the 40-year-old wife was asleep with her 60-year-old husband when he abruptly left the house to investigate their dog’s loud barking.

Concerned about his delayed return, the wife decided to use a flashlight to find her husband, only to be confronted with the shocking scene of him involved in a compromising position with their female dog.

The police report stated, “Around 1:00 AM, the husband left the house upon hearing the distressing barks and cries of their female dog. In her attempt to understand the situation, the wife hurriedly went outside and was taken aback to witness her 60-year-old husband engaged in an unusual act with their female dog, named ‘Poster.’”

Overwhelmed by the discovery, she screamed, prompting nearby neighbors to rush to the scene and witness the unsettling incident. They subsequently handed the husband over to the police.

“The commotion attracted more family members who observed the incident. The police, along with a veterinary officer, were summoned to the area, and appropriate measures were taken,” read the concluding part of the official statement.