Where to buy land at 80k in Murang’a County.

Murang’a county is among the fast rising counties in the Mt Kenya Region with a population of roughly 800k residents.

Most of its areas are designated for farming but that does not mean there is no room for investing in real estate estates, industries, private residence etc.

So, at this point, you want to know where you can get that hot cake piece of land for Ksh 80,000.

I will take you through 3 best areas where you can purchase the lands.

1: Murang’a Town (Red Cross area).

If you have been to Murang’a, you already know where red cross is, if not, from Murang’a town, it is a walking distance. The lands at the other side of Mathioya River are going for as low as 60k.

2: Kambirwa.

Kambirwa is a small village which has potential once investors chip in. There are so many unoccupied pieces of land in this area ready for investors. However, Agriculture is highly discouraged in this area given by the soil type. But can favor real estates targeting Murang’a town and Mukuyu business community.

3: Gakoigo.

Gakoigo is in Maragua sub country. Believe it or not, you can own a land floor less than 70k.

Well,there you go. Check out the above and analyze which one will suit you better.