‘I Am Tired Of Living A Lie, My Baby Daddy Is Kalonzo Musyoka’s Brother’ – Justina Syokau

The mysterious gospel artist, Justina Syokau, has intrigued the public since her rise to fame, skillfully keeping the identity of her child’s father under wraps, fueling speculation and curiosity among her fans.

After a prolonged period of silence, Syokau has chosen to end the suspense and reveal the truth. Despite having previously mentioned her marriage in 2012 and subsequent divorce in 2013, she had kept the identity of her ex-husband a closely guarded secret, citing infidelity and personal issues as the reasons for their separation.

In a poignant and extensive Instagram post, Syokau decided to share the truth, expressing her weariness of living a facade. She courageously disclosed her baby daddy’s name as Johnstone Vundi Musyoka, who interestingly is the brother of Azimio co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka.

This revelation took her fans by surprise, as they had long speculated about the identity of Syokau’s ex-husband. Her decision to unveil the truth reflects a desire for transparency and a commitment to moving forward with honesty.

In her candid social media post, Syokau opened up about the challenges and emotions she has faced. This courageous act signifies her determination to embrace authenticity and honesty in her life, breaking free from the secrecy that surrounded her personal history.