Details of Eric Omondi 16Kg white shoes that cost him ksh 58 Thousand

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has once again captured the attention of fans and media with his recent fashion choice during his trip to Dodoma, Tanzania. Known for his eccentric style, Omondi confidently sported a pair of oversized white boots that appeared almost as large as his own body.

This unconventional fashion statement by Eric Omondi sparked a wave of amusement and curiosity, leaving many to wonder if it was a comedic stunt or simply another display of his avant-garde fashion taste.

Throughout his career, Eric Omondi has consistently demonstrated his fearlessness in pushing fashion boundaries, often utilizing it as a means of self-expression and comedic exaggeration. His latest selection of attire, the massive white boots, undoubtedly turned heads and generated extensive discussions.

However, some speculate that Omondi’s unique fashion choice may have been an attempt to divert attention from a recent controversy involving former Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe. It was alleged that Maribe claimed Eric Omondi to be the father of her now-grown son.

Eric Omondi has stated that it was a one-night stand, during which he used protection, despite being intoxicated that night. He also claimed that Jacque Maribe refused to undergo a DNA test to conclusively establish paternity.

In response to Eric’s claims, Jacque Maribe took to her Instagram stories to address the situation, expressing her frustration with Omondi’s behavior. She asserted that she was tired of his lies and made it clear that she would provide evidence to counter his false statements.

“I was minding my own business when suddenly I started receiving calls and messages about someone named Eric talking about me. Let me respond for the last time,” Jacque Maribe stated.

“I am exhausted with this nonsense. I have remained silent for a long time. This liar called Eric needs to get his facts straight, or else I will present evidence. And that’s the truth!” she continued, revealing her anger.

Maribe went on to explain her exasperation, stating, “Let me tell you, Maina. I have resisted responding to his lies. He thinks parenting is a part of his comedy routine. He lies about EVERYTHING! Eric, leave my name and my child out of your comedy! I’ve had enough.”

In conclusion, Eric Omondi’s recent fashion choice has once again ignited conversations among fans and media, while also potentially serving as a diversion from the ongoing dispute with Jacque Maribe. The clash between the two continues to escalate, with Maribe vehemently rejecting Omondi’s claims and vowing to provide evidence to debunk his falsehoods.