Fashion Blogger Beatrice Kagendo: “I Spend Sh25,000 on a Look”

Umprice Kagendo is a 25-year-old personal style and fashion blogger who is also aspiring to become a professional fashion stylist. In an interview with Eve Woman magazine, she shared her passion for fashion and styling.

Kagendo revealed that she realized her love for fashion from a very young age, around primary school class six or seven. She was always the type of student who had a cool hoodie that would get confiscated by the teachers. She attributes her love for fashion to her dad’s love for clothes and her influence from television.

When asked about her personal style, Kagendo said that she takes pleasure in styling herself and considers herself the canvas for all her wildest ideas. Though she does style her friends and customers, she has yet to fully do it professionally.

Kagendo also shared that she always feels the need to look presentable and that it pushes her to grow out of her comfort zone. She believes that appearance is what people notice first and that it feels good to look good.

In terms of her fashion choices, Kagendo said that she is a perfectionist and that her looks are dependent on the pieces she comes across or has made. She builds around key pieces and has several complete cohesive looks to choose from. However, the process can take weeks even because finding befitting pieces can take time.

When asked about the cost of looking good, Kagendo said that she likes a good bargain and that thrift clothes come in handy. She also mentioned that she spends at least Sh25,000 and above depending on what she needs.

Kagendo also shared that she does repeat clothes and that it is a fun opportunity to be creative and restyle each piece differently as needed. Her favorite go-to outfits include a crisp white shirt paired with a good pair of jeans, an all-black outfit of either pants or a skirt with a top or shirt, and a nice fitting red dress.

Finally, Kagendo gave advice to young women aspiring to go down the road of fashion and Instagram. She said that Instagram is a great platform to showcase talent and creativity but to stay true to oneself, be open to learning and growing, and to be cautious not to drown from influence and imitation to the point of losing authenticity. She also advised to stay up to date with trends but to remember that trends come and go and that there is a personal touch and finesse that is unique to each individual.