“Ngono Kante” Netizens Give Akothee Wild Nicknames As She Plays Football In Booty Shorts

Akothee, a prominent Kenyan singer and businesswoman, is known for her fearless demeanor and larger-than-life personality. Recently, she once again sparked controversy with a bold statement, declaring herself the ultimate superstar in Kenya. While some internet users applauded her confidence and achievements, others took the opportunity to jest at her expense.

Akothee’s self-proclaimed title as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) reflects her unwavering self-belief. In her own words, she asserts, “My competition is with my failures. I ensure that I rectify any losses I may have encountered.”

“When anyone mentions AKOTHEE or compares themselves to me, they acknowledge me as their role model, a rare benchmark, and the epitome of success. They even seem to know things about me, though I remain unfamiliar with them (laughs). My competition lies in overcoming my own setbacks. So, if you hear them mention AKOTHEE, just type, ‘THE GOAT’ (laughs).”

Her audacious and unapologetic attitude has solidified her position as a formidable force in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

In her social media post, Akothee also questions the relevance of those who seek fame, followers, and attention through contrived content. She challenges their popularity by suggesting that if they were to document their lives using their real names, no one would pay them any attention. Akothee further boasts about her nationwide recognition, stating that her name alone holds enough content to grant others two minutes of fame.

“Akothee is your inspiration, but your jealousy prevents you from giving credit. Akothee is a moving museum, the only celebrity who can’t go grocery shopping in a Kenyan supermarket or stroll in the CBD (Central Business District)!” (laughs)

As anticipated, Akothee’s provocative post prompted diverse reactions from internet users. Supporters of the singer inundated the comments section with praise and admiration. Her fans appreciate her fearlessness, resilience, and unapologetic approach to life.

On the other hand, critics took the opportunity to ridicule Akothee’s statements and even mock her attire in the accompanying photo. Dressed in a white top paired with matching booty shorts, and wearing headphones while playing football, she presented an image that some found amusing.

A segment of internet users has coined new nicknames for her, such as “Ngono Kante,” in addition to her well-known moniker, Madam Boss.