Grandmother Arrested For Using Her 7-year-old Granddaughter As A Sex Slave (Video).

Police have arrested a woman who is said to have allegedly been selling her 7-year-old granddaughter to men.

In a video that has since gone viral, the little girl revealed graphic and saddening details of her experience in the hands of men brought in by her own Granny to defile her.

The girl said that her grandmother charges between Kh 500-1000 for men to have sex with her.

Check out the video;

Here are some of the reactions;

ntysmiles wrote: “Omg ! How can a grand mother do this to her own grand child ? Just how ??”

daizee7 wrote: “Grandmother or not she must go to Jail. I just couldn’t listen to the rest of the interview😭😭”

gracie_lubenz wrote: “Na waoh o, this is very terrible, I just can’t believe this, haba to ur own grandchild, this is pure wickedness”