Musician Size 8 speaks up on washing Dj Mo’s boxers for 10 years

Musician Linet Munyali, famously known as Size 8 Reborn, recently disclosed on the Love In The Wild show aired on TV47 that she undertakes the task of washing her husband’s boxers. This revelation sheds light on a unique aspect of their marital dynamics, showcasing a gesture of care and support within their relationship.

Since their marriage in 2013, Size 8 has taken it upon herself to handle the laundry duties, specifically tending to her husband Samuel Muraya’s, also known as DJ Mo, boxers. She emphasized that DJ Mo has never washed his own boxers throughout their marriage.

Size 8 clarified that her act of washing DJ Mo’s boxers serves a deeper purpose beyond mere domestic chores. She views it as a tangible way to boost her husband’s self-esteem and reinforce his role as the head of the family. She stressed that her intention is not solely to portray herself as a humble wife but rather to affirm DJ Mo’s significance within their partnership.

DJ Mo, responding to his wife’s statement, expressed gratitude for her efforts and questioned why some men might find it surprising to hear about such a gesture. He humorously challenged his male counterparts, asking whether they themselves are not accustomed to similar acts of care and support.

Size 8 reiterated the importance of her actions in maintaining a healthy marital dynamic, emphasizing her belief in the significance of affirming DJ Mo’s role within their family unit.

In addition to their discussion on domestic duties, the couple also hosted Nina and Mesh from Wapendwa Muziki, during which they shared insights into their married life and experiences.

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s marriage has not been without its challenges. Despite encountering significant hurdles, including near-divorce situations stemming from numerous conflicts over their eleven-year marriage, they have persevered and emerged stronger as a couple.

Throughout their journey, they have been blessed with two beautiful children, further cementing their bond as a family. Despite the trials they’ve faced, Size 8 and DJ Mo’s commitment to each other remains steadfast, demonstrating resilience and dedication to their marriage.