“Dera bila haga hio sio dera” – Ngesh Roasts women with flat ‘Nyash’ in new song

Rap sensation Ngesh returns to the music scene with a fresh track, but this time her lyrics may not resonate well with certain individuals, particularly those who have a less prominent derriere.

On June 20, 2023, the renowned Gengetone artist dropped a new single titled “Dera,” featuring Spider Clan.

At the start of her latest song, Ngesh implies that women with less curvaceous backsides should refrain from wearing “deras” due to obvious reasons.

The lyrics of this new release are undeniably offensive, filled with sexual innuendos.

The rapper exhibits her wordplay prowess by employing figurative language to enhance her musical composition creatively.

“Ngesh raps, ‘Dera bila haga hio sio dera, dishi titi fiti mada na mapera, niambieni ka wazee wa vipara wanajua kudara, ama tu ni kurara (rara).'”

Continuing on, she adds, “How can you lack in the back? Eating leaves, drinking eggs. Trying to be funny, listen to this banger, let go of the nonsense.

When you come from the countryside to the city, don’t become too self-absorbed. Stay humble, even if you rock a mini skirt, don’t forget your inner qualities. In Gikomba and evening prices, one for 50, two for 80, three for 100. Otherwise, your rose coconut will be turned into ashes.”

Mary Wangeci, famously known as Ngesh Bad Gal, amazed her fans with her extraordinary lyrical talent, gaining widespread attention on social media due to her verse in the hit song “Rieng Genje.”

Numerous local music enthusiasts recognized her exceptional abilities, propelling her to overnight stardom and celebrity status.

Within the realm of Gengetone music, Ngesh is gradually evolving into an unstoppable force.

Recently, she unveiled her rate card, revealing that she charges Ksh300,000 for concert performances.