Businessman beats wife for preparing chicken, and rice for pastor -

Businessman beats wife for preparing chicken, and rice for pastor

Residents of South B estate in Nairobi were left in shock following an incident that occurred on a Sunday afternoon. A businessman reportedly assaulted his wife after finding her and their pastor having a meal together in their home.

Witnesses reported that the man’s wife had welcomed the pastor for prayers while her husband was away, and had later prepared a delicious meal of chicken and rice for the preacher. However, when the husband returned at 7 pm, he found his wife and the pastor having the meal and demanded to know who the visitor was and why he was in their house at such a late hour.

The pastor explained that he had brought the good news of salvation and offered to pray for the family’s head. However, the husband was suspicious of his wife’s behavior and questioned her about her intentions in seeing off the preacher later on.

The wife claimed that she was escorting the pastor to a nearby church, but the husband was not convinced and ridiculed her for cooking for the preacher instead of her real husband. When the wife returned after seeing off the pastor, the husband had locked the door from the inside and refused to let her in.

The situation escalated when the man emerged from the house and slapped his wife. Neighbors who heard the commotion rushed to the scene and managed to rescue the woman who was screaming uncontrollably.

This incident highlights the issue of domestic violence and the need for couples to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts amicably. It is important for individuals to seek help from relevant authorities and seek counseling when faced with such situations.