Kelsy Kerubo: From Mukuru Kwa Njenga Slums To Making It Big In Gospel Music

In just three short years within the music industry, Kelsy Kerubo has experienced an extraordinary ascent to become one of Kenya’s top gospel artists. Recently honored at the inaugural Kibali Awards as the Female Musician of the Year, this vibrant songstress has captured the hearts of many with her musical prowess.

Born into a modest family in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Kelsy is the eldest among five siblings. Her journey began at Jobenpha Primary School in Nairobi before transferring to Tonga Omonuri Primary School in Nyamira County. However, during her KCPE exams, challenges arose as her mother fell ill, and her father sought employment in South Africa. Faced with the responsibility of caring for her siblings, Kelsy took on the early morning task of buying and selling groceries to support her family. Unfortunately, this multitasking affected her academic performance, leading to a less-than-ideal outcome in the national examination.

Undeterred by setbacks, Kelsy transferred to Nyamecheo Primary School, initially facing the prospect of repeating class 7. Fortunately, this decision was reversed, allowing her to register late and successfully pass her KCPE. Continuing her educational journey, she attended Matuu HGM Memorial Girls in Machakos County and later Nyakoiba Secondary School for her KCSE. Subsequently, she pursued Psychology and Sociology at Kenyatta University.

Kelsy’s foray into the music scene gained momentum when she joined Msanii Music Group in its early stages in 2020. Working alongside other founding members under the guidance of Joash Nyamongo, the group flourished, providing Kelsy with a platform to refine her vocal skills. Her participation in the popular choir bolstered her confidence, a quality she admitted lacking before joining.

While remaining an integral part of Msanii Music Group, Kelsy has concurrently dedicated efforts to cultivate her solo career. Breaking ground with the release of “Huru Kwa Pendo” in March 2021, followed by “Asante” a month later, she demonstrated her versatility and individual artistry.

Among her noteworthy solo accomplishments is the chart-topping “Nasonga Mbele,” a collaboration with Rose Muhando, amassing an impressive 1.9 million views on YouTube. Other notable tracks by Kelsy include “Nina Haja Na Wewe” with 1.1 million views, “Amenichekesha” with 529K views, and “Haujachelewa” with 525K views. Kelsy Kerubo’s inspiring journey reflects not only her resilience in overcoming challenges but also her remarkable contribution to Kenya’s gospel music landscape.