Pritty Vishy: I Had A Main Boyfriend While I Was Dating Stivo Simple Boy .

One of the most well-known and controversial figures in the world of content creation and emerging social circles, Pritty Vishy, has once again caused a stir online by publicly disclosing her past infidelity while she was in a relationship with Stivo Simple Boy.

Pritty Vishy and Simple Boy were once a power couple. At the tender age of 21, the content creator confessed that she was deeply in love with Stivo Simple Boy from the beginning. She even went as far as sneaking out of school to conduct interviews aimed at defending Stivo and shedding light on the actual situation at hand in order to provide him with assistance.

Her exposé in 2021 had a profound impact, leading Stivo Simple Boy to secure new management. Things started to turn around, yet Stivo failed to express his gratitude towards her. Recognizing these red flags, Pritty Vishy made the decision to seek out another partner while still dating Stivo Simple Boy.

By the time Stivo Simple Boy made their breakup public, Pritty Vishy had already mentally moved on and ended the relationship. She revealed that she chose to publicly disclose their separation because her new partner encouraged her to do so. Additionally, she desired to experience a sense of freedom with her primary companion.

This marks the third instance in which Pritty Vishy has confessed to being unfaithful during her time with Stivo Simple Boy. In 2022, Vishy openly admitted to cheating on Simple Boy with older men. It appears that her infidelity played a significant role in the decision made by Stivo to end their relationship.