MC Gogo’s Grave Life Journey: From Virtual DJ to Earning Ksh.250,000 Per Show

MC Gogo, a highly acclaimed Kenyan hypeman and MC, rose to prominence during the Covid-19 lockdown by captivating audiences on social media with his vibrant performances. His energetic shows not only garnered him a massive online following but also opened doors to various club and event opportunities, eventually leading to international bookings due to his exceptional skills.

Post-pandemic, Gogo’s career experienced an unprecedented surge, establishing him as a thriving figure in the entertainment industry. Despite holding a degree in Psychology, he has discovered immense success in his current field. In a candid interview with SPM Buzz, Gogo revealed that his talent has proven to be incredibly lucrative, with earnings from his shows reaching an impressive Ksh. 250,000.

Beyond his event earnings, Gogo secured a lucrative partnership with TV 47, where he co-hosts the Wabebe Experience alongside Willis Raburu every Friday. This additional role significantly contributes to his already substantial income, solidifying his position as a multifaceted and successful entertainer.