Tiktoker Kinuthia: ‘Hii Nyash yangu imenipea pesa mingi sana “

Cross-dresser and content creator Kelvin Kinuthia recently expressed his pride in his unique sense of self, particularly highlighting the impact it’s had on his financial success. During a quickfire interview with Mpasho, Kinuthia was quizzed about his favorite aspect of his body. In response, he revealed, “I believe I cherish my ‘Nyash’ more, as it has not only earned me recognition but also brought in financial gains.”

Kinuthia is known for his striking makeup, long nails, wigs, and high heels, using Instagram as a platform to showcase the women’s clothing he adorns. He affirmed his commitment to cross-dressing, driven by his affection for this female persona, stating, “The question that comes up most frequently on social media is about my sexuality. I dress in women’s clothing, apply makeup, and so on because I want to maintain this persona; it’s what I’m recognized for.”

He previously informed Massawe Japanni that most of his family members comprehend his social media endeavors, recognizing that he is engaged in a business. “Many of the clothes I wear are primarily for promotional purposes,” he clarified. On his social media profiles, Kinuthia displays both the Kenyan flag and the LGBTQ flag, emphasizing his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Kinuthia emphasized that discussing his sexuality was not currently comfortable for him, stating, “I’m not under pressure, and I’m at ease with this. There’s an issue when people repeatedly see you in videos with a specific person; they start assuming you’re in a relationship with them.” He added that he doesn’t let negative comments affect him and, instead, blocks detractors on his social media platforms.

TikToker Kinuthia to Uncover Advances from Celebrities

Popular TikToker Kinuthia recently shared that he frequently receives amorous advances from both male and female celebrities through direct messages (DMs). In an interview with Muranganewspaper, the celebrated cross-dresser acknowledged this attention but emphasized that he’s not currently seeking a committed relationship. Known for his distinctive appearance, which includes feminine attire and meticulous grooming, Kinuthia has attracted messages from various people, including celebrities.

While Kinuthia recognized that some celebrities send him inappropriate messages, he disclosed that he has chosen not to expose them because their approach has been respectful. “Fortunately, they approach me with a degree of respect, so I’m safeguarding their privacy,” he noted, mentioning that some have even sent him explicit images. Nonetheless, he cautioned that he may decide to reveal them if he wakes up in a less tolerant mood one day.

A few months ago, Kinuthia also issued a warning to women, urging them to monitor their partners who were sending him messages. He stated, “Please, refrain from sharing my videos with your husbands and boyfriends; I receive their messages in my DMs, and I can’t resist good things.”

In a previous interview with Nicholus Kioko, Kinuthia revealed that if he were to consider a relationship, financial stability would be a key factor. He explained, “I’m seeking someone who’s financially secure. I’m not interested in someone who’s currently in need of financial assistance; their moment has passed.” When asked about his preferences regarding a partner’s gender, Kinuthia expressed his openness to dating individuals of any gender, a change of perspective he hadn’t anticipated before but now feels comfortable sharing.