Parents Starve Their 5-Year-Old Daughter Almost to Death After Pastor Labels Her a Witch -

Parents Starve Their 5-Year-Old Daughter Almost to Death After Pastor Labels Her a Witch

In Nigeria, a couple finds themselves in legal trouble after being apprehended for subjecting their 5-year-old child to extreme neglect, allegedly due to claims from their church pastor that the child was possessed by dark forces.

This distressing incident unfolded in Anambra state, where the Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, Hon. Ify Obinabo, made a formal statement on September 7, 2023, shedding light on the matter. According to Hon. Obinabo, the parents of the young victim justified their actions by asserting that their pastor had labeled their child as a witch.

During a meeting at her office in Awka, Hon. Obinabo underscored her commitment to safeguarding the rights of every child in the state, regardless of their background or circumstances. She assured the couple that those responsible for such heinous acts would face the full extent of the law.

Mr. Michael Wosu (47) and Mrs. Blessing Michael (23), originally from Akwa Ibom, offered their own account of the situation. They disclaimed any culpability for their child’s near-starvation, arguing that they were merely following their pastor’s guidance, which branded their child as a “witch” and deemed her unworthy of care.

Mrs. Blessing Michael added that she had compelled the girl to sleep on a hard surface due to persistent bedwetting issues and blamed the 5-year-old for her husband’s misfortunes. Meanwhile, Mr. Michael Wosu claimed ignorance regarding the extent of the child’s suffering.

At the time of this report, the suspects remain in police custody, while the survivor is receiving medical treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Awka.