“Alieka Mjulus Yangu Kwa Mdomo” Pastor James Ngang’a On Why He Divorced His Wife From Ukambani

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism recently shared the challenging aspects of his initial marriage to a Kamba woman, likening it to a distressing cinematic experience….CONTINUE READING

Ng’ang’a conveyed his perspective that sexual relations should primarily serve the purpose of procreation, dismissing the pursuit of pleasure through various intimate styles as unnecessary.

In his own recounting, he shared, “During my marriage to Kamene from Ukambani, it was an exceedingly difficult experience. She exhibited excessive demands in the bedroom, even attempting certain acts that I found intolerable. Ultimately, I had to terminate that relationship.”

The Kenyan online community has collectively criticized the televangelist for publicly revealing the difficulties of his first marriage, urging him to demonstrate respect for the mother of his children and uphold the dignity of women in the nation.