Man Sells His Cars, Lands, and Shops to Sponsor his Girlfriend’s Education in Europe, Only to End Up Dumped After Graduation

After investing significant resources into nurturing his relationship with Aisha, Selemen Hussein found himself abandoned and financially strained, resorting to gathering and selling plastic bottles to sustain himself.

Hussein had devoted himself to Aisha, supporting her both financially and emotionally throughout her educational journey.

“I sacrificed my assets—cars, properties, and businesses—to fund her education, living expenses, and debts. Yet, she betrayed my trust. Why, Aisha?” he lamented to Afrimax English.

His unwavering commitment was met with betrayal when Aisha decided to leave him for another man after he had sponsored her education abroad.

“Out of love and compassion, I extended a helping hand when she confided in me about her overwhelming financial burden. As a devoted partner, I relinquished my possessions and livelihood to assist her, only to be deceived,” expressed the young man.

Despite facing homelessness and abandonment by both his partner and family, Hussein refused to yield to despair. Instead, he derived strength from the humble task of collecting and selling plastic bottles to make ends meet.

“My parents had cautioned me about the pitfalls of relationships and money. Now, abandoned by both my loved ones and kin, I scrape by through collecting and selling plastic bottles,” shared the Tanzanian with palpable pain.