TIKTOKER Truth Watchdog Cautions Youths Against Having Multiple Baby Mamas

Antony Macloud Mulla, widely known as Truth Watchdog, has offered advice to young people about the complications of having children with multiple partners. He has also shed light on the potential consequences that come with such decisions.

Truth Watchdog, who is not married but has children, expressed his deep love for his three kids. However, he emphasized that having children with different women can lead to numerous scandals. In an online interview, he urged young people to be cautious about engaging in unprotected sex, warning that it can result in significant problems.

“I love my children very much. But I advise the youth not to end up in my situation. Before you decide to have unprotected sex, be very considerate because having children with multiple women comes with many complications. I’m not married, but I have three kids,” he cautioned.

He attributed his situation to the environment he grew up in, explaining that early exposure to certain behaviors influenced his actions. Truth Watchdog revealed that he was exposed to these experiences as early as 12 years old, which fueled his curiosity.

“The thing is, when you’re born in the streets, you’re exposed to these things. By 12 years old, you already know what girls do, you know what sex is. Growing up on the streets doesn’t provide an environment that helps you grow financially. You live here, in places like Bombolulu, where there are girls standing around in short skirts. You see what they’re doing. On your way home, you might see someone having sex. So we see these things,” he explained.

Truth Watchdog, who is reportedly a former military member, recently opened up about a traumatic experience from his past. He disclosed that his father sold him for a mere 200 shillings, leading to him working as a houseboy for his aunt.