Oga Obinna offers Baha a job Hours after Conning Nurse Judy Money

Comedian and media personality, Oga Obinna, has extended a job offer to actor Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, shortly after he was exposed by Kenyan Nurse Judy, who is based in the US.

In a video that I came across, Obinna made a heartfelt appeal to Baha, urging him to get in touch regarding the job opportunity. He expressed his desire to assist Baha in getting back on his feet.

“Baha, I have a job offer for you. I publicly acknowledged my mistake on Instagram, and people are urging you to reach out to me so that we can address the situation and provide temporary support while we plan for bigger and better things.

Therefore, I would like to offer you a job, Baha. Please contact me so that I can provide you with employment that will help cover some expenses while we await greater opportunities. Additionally, if there are other individuals who have job offers, let’s come together and extend our support to them. Baha has the necessary contacts and can make it happen. This is a call for unity among men. Let’s reach out to Baha and others who may be facing challenges,” stated Obinna.

Furthermore, Obinna clarified his empathetic message to Baha, addressing the concerns raised by Nurse Judy, which seemed to differ from his perspective.

After Nurse Judy expressed her grievances, Obinna acknowledged her video but clarified that he was not fully aware of the situation between her and Baha.

“I have watched your video, Nurse Judy, and I must confess that I don’t have all the details regarding the situation between you and Baha. As I mentioned in my video, it wasn’t solely directed at you but also towards another individual who claimed that Baha owed him money. My intention was to shed light on the fact that many content creators are facing difficulties.

The reason this story gained traction is because Baha is a public figure. There are numerous cases where people owe or are owed money, but they remain private matters. I simply wanted to encourage people to be kind to one another, and I genuinely hope this situation can be resolved,” explained Obinna.

In response, Nurse Judy promptly replied to Obinna, stating that her intention was never to expose Baha until she discovered that he had deceived her with a fabricated scenario in order to obtain money.

“I made the video after discovering that Baha had scammed me. Exposing him was not my initial intention, but my concern lies in the fact that he is scamming people. The problem is that everything he told me was a complete lie,” Nurse Judy clarified.

Note: The provided essay has been rewritten to ensure clarity and coherence while maintaining the original meaning of the text.